Our vision

Promoting sound environments

Have you ever felt tired or even assaulted by the roar of the streets and the buzz of open space offices? Or, on the contrary, been soothed by the song of cicadas on a summer night?

Whether you notice it or not, the sounds around us have a huge impact on our mind and emotions. If we use them appropriately, they can be a real source of well-being, a powerful way to relax, focus, and simply enhance the environment we live in.

This is why we created Lonofi: to give you the means to take back control over your sound environment and unleash its potential.

Put technology at the service of creation

Thanks to simulation algorithms driven by AI, Lonofi enables you to create rich, varied, and endless sound environments. No more rigid playlists constantly looping and made of few poor quality sounds!

With Lonofi you can let your imagination run free, and create, in only a few seconds, the environment you want. Whether it be real life inspired, like Amazonian jungles, or imagined, like the central square of a medieval town.

At Lonofi, we want to put the latest findings in AI technologies at the service of creation.

We want to make everyone a creator.

The Team

Product Management
Application Development
Business Development
UI/UX Design
Platform Development
Audio Design

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