Welcome to the Copyright section of Lonofi home.

Lonofi Home is a platform that allows its users to use or publish different types of content from third parties.

Some of this content may be protected by copyright, and as such Lonofi and its users must comply with the legal rules regulating their use.

To help you with this, we have prepared the following note. It provides basic information about the copyright of content available on Lonofi Home and best practices to ensure that none of the parties -- third party content providers and content users -- are harmed.

Please note, however, that this document can only be considered as a guide. It is not a legal document and is not a substitute for legal advice.

Copyright and user content

Lonofi Home users may publish different types of content, including but not limited to text (e. g. title and sound scene descriptions) and images (e. g. profile image), which may potentially be subject to copyright.

In accordance with our Terms of Use, it is up to you to check whether you have the right to use the content you publish on our platform. You will be liable for any proven copyright infringement of any content you publish on Lonofi Home.

If you want to publish third-party content on our platform, be careful, check its authenticity and make sure you have the right to use it.

Copyright and audio content

In order to generate sound atmospheres, we use sound recordings on Lonofi Home, mainly from third parties and subject to copyright.

These recordings are in fact made available and accessible by Lonofi to users of the platform in two cases:

When users listen to or download existing soundscapes generated from these recordings;

When users create their own soundscapes from these recordings and share them with the community, whether streaming or downloading.

In the following sections, we set out some important points relating to the use of these different sound contents -- recording and sound atmospheres -- by Lonofi Home users.

Sound recordings
Source of sound recordings

Currently, the sound recordings used on Lonofi Home can come from two sources:

Lonofi: these are sounds that we have recorded or created ourselves and of which we have full rights;

Third parties: these are records that we collect from third parties, for which we do not own the rights, and that we exploit on the basis of licenses provided by the said third parties.

Licenses to use sound recordings from third parties

Currently, we retrieve all of our third-party recordings from the Freesound website. The latter allows individuals to put sound recordings online and distribute them under Creative Commons licenses.

We only use Freesound recordings that are made available to us under the CC0 and CC-BY licenses, i.e. recordings that we can distribute, remix, arrange, and adapt, even for commercial purposes, provided that we respect the legal provisions of the CC-BY license relating to credits and citation of the authors of the original content.

We thus guarantee the possibility for Lonofi Home users to be able to use these recordings to listen to, create and share soundscapes generated from them, as well as the possibility of downloading extracts of these soundscapes and using them in commercial and non-commercial projects. The only requirement is to respect the legal provisions of the CC-BY license.

In accordance with the rules of the Creative Commons licenses, the CC0 and CC-BY licenses of the recordings we retrieve from Freesound are maintained even if their creator decides to change the licenses under which he distributes his recordings, or even if he decides to no longer distribute them at all.

Thus, if the author of a recording initially distributed under a CC0 license, decides, to distribute it under a CC-BY-NC license (non-commercial use), but only after we have integrated the recording into Lonofi Home, we can continue to use the recording under its original license (CC0) obtained during its initial download. As a result of which:

It will still be possible to listen to and download on Lonofi Home the soundtracks including this recording;

The licences for the extracts of the downloaded soundtracks including this recording will remain valid, and their exploitation, commercial or not, may continue.

Citation of sound recordings from third parties distributed under the CC-BY license

For each soundtrack available on Lonofi Home, we list all the authors of the sound recordings used to generate it, regardless of the licenses under which these recordings were distributed.

This information can be found in the credit section next to each atmosphere of the Lonofi Home platform. These credits include, among other things, for each registration, the title, the name of the creator, the distribution license, and if possible, a link to the page of the website hosting the registration.

Guarantee on the legality of registrations from third parties

Individuals making their sound recordings available on the Freesound platform must own all the rights to them. Distributing a third party's recording without owning the right to it is an infringement of copyright and is therefore strictly prohibited.

As such, the Freesound team carries out a commendable and intensive moderation work to ensure that none of the sound recordings hosted on Freesound infringe copyright, in other words, that no recording has been put on Freesound by an individual who does not have the right to do so. This moderation allows us to ensure the legality of sound recordings from Freesound used on Lonofi Home.

However, as there is no such thing as zero risk, it is possible that a malicious individual may manage to get through the Freesound team's moderation. As a result, there is a very low probability that a registration that has been fraudulently placed on Freesound will end up on Lonofi Home.

In case of doubt about the origin or authenticity of a recording used to generate one of our atmospheres, we invite you to refer to the credit section of the said atmosphere in order to verify the source and authenticity of the suspect recording. If you become aware of any copyright infringement due to the use on Lonofi Home of a recording that was originally fraudulently hosted on Freesound, please contact us immediately.

In the event of proven copyright infringement, we will immediately take the following measures:

Delete the recording from Lonofi Home ;

Warn Freesound of the presence of a fraudulent registration on their site so that it can be deleted

Warn our users who have downloaded an extract from a soundtrack containing the fraudulent recording that the licenses obtained when downloading said extracts have expired and that their operations must immediately cease.

Create a sound atmosphere on our platform

Lonofi Home offers you the opportunity to create sound atmospheres and share them with the community.

Please note that, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Use, any sound atmosphere created by a user on the Lonofi Home platform via our simulation algorithms is the exclusive property of Lonofi, which retains all rights of exploitation, use and distribution.

You are considered as the composer of the sound atmosphere on an honorary basis. As such, if you decide to share the atmosphere with Lonofi Home users, it will appear under your name on Lonofi Home. If the atmosphere is downloaded and used outside the platform, your name will appear in the credits to be quoted. However, if you wish, you can disable this feature via your user profile.

Listen to and download a sound atmosphere on our platform

Listening without downloading is governed by the Lonofi Home license agreement that we grant you when you accept our General Terms and Conditions of Use . Under this license, listening to and broadcasting soundscapes via our platform is only possible in a non-commercial and private setting. Any other use is strictly prohibited. We are currently developing an offer specially designed for the diffusion of soundscapes in a commercial or public setting. If you are interested, please contact us.

You can download excerpts from the soundscapes offered on Lonofi Home. These are issued to you under the CC-BY license. Under this license, you may use them in any commercial or non-commercial project whatsoever (Film, corporate video, monetized Youtube video, video games, application...), provided that you respect the legal provisions of the CC-BY license relating to credits and citation of the authors of the original content. To help you, we provide you with each download and together with the sound extract, a text file containing all the necessary information to correctly quote your sources. For more information on how to quote the downloaded excerpts, please refer to our FAQ.

Reporting copyright infringement

If it appears to you that any of the content hosted on the Lonofi Home platform infringes copyright, please contact us immediately.

Please ensure that you provide us with detailed information about the suspicious content and its owner, so that we can process your request as quickly as possible.

Please note that you can only report potential copyright infringement to us under the following conditions:

You are the owner or a legal representative of the owner of the content in question. If this is not the case, please notify the owner (or his representative) and redirect him to this page.

Your report is based on corroborated and proven evidence or clues. In the event of unlawful, unfounded, malicious or abusive reports, you may be held liable for any loss, damage and injury resulting from the costs of processing the report or from the termination of the content, and suffered by Lonofi, Lonofi Home users, the actual owner of the content and any holder of a legal license to use the content.