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Who develops and maintain our platform?

Interface & Design

The website and platforme design is made by Camille Leblond, our very own UI / UX designer.

Web development

The website and platform front and backend development is taken care of by Mathias Rossignol, full stack developer and CTO of Lonofi SAS.


Development, implementation and maintenance of our infrastructures / servers / cloud solutions are courtesy of Guillaume Gardey, solution engineer - Big Data, Cloud, Platform.

Third party services used by the platform

Cloud Solution

We rely on Google Cloud Platform to host our infrastructure and perform our data analysis.

Web Audio

To control and stream audio content on the platform, we use the Web Audio API currently developed by Paul Adenot (Mozilla) and Raymond Toy (Google).

Sounds, pictures and icons provided by third parties


The vast majority of our sounds come from the Freesound platform. Freesound is a platform hosting audio content to enable individuals to upload sound files under Creative Commons licensing, mainly CCO, CC-BY and CC-BY-NC. The platform is maintained and developed by the Freesound Team with the support the Pompeu Fabra University.

Our remaining sounds come either from independent providers or have been recorded by our services.

Please refer to the credits of each soundscape available on our platform to see the complete list of the sound recordings used to generate the soundscape. These credits include the customary quotation for sound recordings distributed under CC-BY licencing.


On top of our own native images, our website and platform use images provided by the following third parties:


Platform users can illustrate their scenes with images under CC0 licencing coming from the image database Pixabay.

We use the API provided to us by Pixabay to give our users direct access to this database through our platform.


To put images on some of the scene available on the platform, our designer uses images coming from the Freepik database. Our designer holds the professional licence required to use these images.

Please note that images coming from this source may have been edited / modified / combined by our designer before being added to our platforme.


Some icons have been created directly by the Lonofi team. But we also use on both our website and platform icons provided by the following third parties:

We have used content from, which is edited by Google, to create some of our icons.

Please note that the icons coming from this particular source may have been edited / modified by our designer before being integrated on our website and our application.


The emojis used on our sites come from the Noto project, édited by Google Inc. with cleanup by Arjen Nienhuis ( They are distributed under an Apache 2.0 license.

The Noun Project

To create some of our icons, we use content under CC-BY licensing provided to us by The Noun Project.

Please note that the icons coming from this particular source may have been edited / modified by our designer before being integrated on our website and our application.

Below is a complete list of all the content coming from The Noun Project used on our website and our platform, along with the usual reference required under the CC-BY licence. (Interface) (Images for evaluation icons) (Images for animal tracks) (Images for weather track) (other track Illustration)